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The Albert Lea Anglers is a fishing team for teens in Albert Lea Area School District 241. Approximately 50 boys and girls are members of the Albert Lea Anglers. They have regular meetings, seminars, fishing tournaments and are involved in the Albert Lea community.Wanna catch some fish? Become friends with the Albert Lea Anglers on Facebook 

The Brookside Boathouse is on West Richway Drive near the boat landing and community gardens in Albert Lea. During the spring and summer, you can go to the boathouse during open hours and rent a canoe, kayak, or a paddle board.Visit their website >

The Blazing Star State Trail is paved and runs from Albert Lea Lake in Albert Lea to Myre-Big Island State Park, a distance of approximately six miles. Trail users, which include bicyclists, walkers and runners, cant’s help but enjoy the serenity of nature. The park is considered one of the many good birding spots in southern Minnesota, especially during spring and fall migration. Plans are under way to connect the trail from the state park to the city of Hayward and eventually to the Shooting Start State Trail in Austin.

Myre-Big Island State Park is a state park of Minnesota, just outside the city of Albert Lea. It has an area of 1,578 acres. The park protects 8 miles of shoreline on Albert Lea Lake. It is one of the most visited state parks in Minnesota and features camping, hiking, canoeing and biking opportunities. The park was formerly named Helmer Myre State Park after former Minnesota State Senator Helmer Myre. 

​​Shell Rock Watershed DistrictThe Shell Rock Watershed District, which encompasses 246 square miles in Freeborn County, was established in 2003 at the request of local citizens’ petition for the purpose of improving water quality. Consisting of a board of appointed managers and a small number of paid administrative and field staff, the district’s largest project to date has been occurring since 2018 with the dredging of Fountain Lake.This spring, the dredging will start up again in hopes of completing phase 1, which is Edgewater Bay.

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marion ross theatre
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july jamboree
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Freeborn County Historical MuseumThe museum is located at 1031 Bridge Avenue in Albert Lea and includes a library and village. The professional designed exhibits define the history of Freeborn County, including room settings, display cases, open exhibits, and miniature business settings to create learning and fun experiences for the viewer. It also includes memorabilia from Albert Lea natives Marion Ross and Eddie Cochran.

The Marion Ross Performing Arts Center is an historic building located at 147 North Broadway in downtown Albert Lea. It is home to Albert Lea Community Theatre (ACT), which is one of the longest running community theatres in Minnesota at nearly 55 years. In 2008, the building was named after Albert Lea native Marion Ross, a Hollywood actress most notable for the role of Mrs. Cunningham on the TV show “Happy Days”. The Marion Ross Performing Arts Center features many plays, musicals, and concerts throughout the year. It also hosts live streaming HD performances of the Metropolitan Opera. 


entertainment / arts / events

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Downtown Albert Lea is your gateway to discovering the hidden gems of this vibrant city. With a unique blend of a gym, a tattoo shop, and a salon, we offer a diverse range of experiences. But that's not all! Our neighbors include 8 unique restaurants and 15 awesome retail spots, making us the ultimate destination for foodies and shopaholics alike. Our mission is to revitalize downtown Albert Lea, Minnesota by supporting business growth, development, events, and residential life.

With one of the largest intact historic districts in Minnesota, downtown Albert Lea is a delight for lovers of architecture and history. Since the street and sidewalk improvements were completed in 2014, the downtown has seen major revitalization, including more than a dozen new businesses on Broadway in Albert Lea. It features everything from boutiques to restaurants to art centers and a new splash pad on the north end of Broadway. 

Join us in exploring the heart of this charming city!

Our Farmer's Market


Art Walk Albert Lea is off to a good start with adding more public art to our community, see what they're up to & more...


Broadway Ridge Renewal Grant provides financial assistance to historic commercial property owners interested in façade improvements for the purpose of preserving the architectural character that is unique to Albert Lea.

Broadway Ridge Renewal Grant Download​

Our Community Partner

Albert Lea Economic Development Agency

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