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Albert Lea is the Southern Minnesota version of Up North. Sure, Northern Minnesota is known as lake country — and for good reason. It’s filled with beautiful pockets of water. We think it’s pretty cool that you can find everything you love about the lakes Up North right here in the Southern Minnesota too. Albert Lea is an ideal location if you’re looking to stay a little closer to home but still want to get away to the lake. One thing we all have in common around here is that we love the water. From there we vary a great deal on explaining exactly what it is we love about the water. For some it's dropping a line, or cruising a lake in comfort. And for others it's skimming across the waves in a gnarly wake boat. Some even dream of using their pontoon boats to re-take Omaha Beach — the Chet Ripley's of the world, anyway. 
So whatever you love about the water, you can find it here. Whether you’re fishing or boating or paddling or running or just relaxing out by the lake with friends or family, you can fulfill your urge to get on the water right here on our lakes.
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