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Hey! How exciting that you may be interested in serving your community thru our board! 

One important factor that would contribute to your success as a director is a clear understanding of the primary objectives of our organization and the basic functions of the board of directors.  The following information will help you get a better understanding of the Albert Lea Convention & Visitors Bureau as a whole as well as the function of the board members.


Mission Statement

“Develop awareness and promote tourism opportunities for both visitors and residents to experience the unique assets of Albert Lea and Freeborn County.”

About Albert Lea Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Albert Lea Convention & Visitors Bureau is a non-profit organization, designed to market the Albert Lea Freeborn County area as a desirable destination for business and vacation travelers.

Albert Lea and Freeborn County is made up of a geographical marketing region that encompasses the following area:

  • Albert Lea

  • Hartland

  • Glenville

  • Ellendale

  • Alden

  • New Richland

  • Emmons

  • Geneva

  • Hollandale

  • Hayward

  • Clarks Grove

  • Twin Lakes

  • Freeborn

  • Conger

  • Manchester


The CVB is responsible for the advertising and promotion of the Albert Lea/Freeborn County as a tourism destination.  The CVB works with area tourism and hospitality related businesses, non-profit organizations and event coordinators and promoters to represent the area to potential travelers, tour operators, travel agents, meeting planners, and the travel media.

The CVB works under the direction of a board of directors, which is a 9 member board.  The CVB maintains an Executive Director & part time staff, whom acts in accordance with the initiatives outlined by the board of directors.

The board of directors meet for an hour, monthly, to review progress, operations & status of the organization. 

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