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Albert Lea’s Top 5 Summer Events to Attend. You Won’t Believe #4

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Summer has arrived in Albert Lea, and it's time to immerse yourself in the vibrant energy and exciting events that will make this season truly memorable. From bustling retail extravaganzas to lively music festivals, this city has something for everyone. Get ready to embrace the summer spirit and mark your calendars for the top 5 must-attend events in Albert Lea!

1. Crazy Days - The Ultimate Retail Extravaganza! July 20th - 22nd

Just how crazy IS Crazy Days? The answer is: the CRAZIEST!

This is the biggest retail event of the year, and it's happening throughout the town. On Thursday, you can be an early bird and grab the best bargains as stores set up their racks and tables outdoors. Inside, you'll find even more mind-blowing specials. To keep you fueled while you shop, food trucks will be parked downtown at the North Broadway Parking Lot on both Thursday and Friday from 11 am to 7 pm. On Saturday, the event culminates with the wrap-up of bargains throughout town and live music at the Farmer's Market. Don't miss this opportunity to shop till you drop and enjoy the lively atmosphere with your friends!

Here's the scoop!

BARGAIN DAY: Thursday 7/20

Food Trucks in N. Broadway Parking Lot llam-7 pm

Thursdays on Fountain @ 5:30pm "Three Wheels & a flat" Live Performance

PATIO PALOOZA: Friday 7/21

Food Trucks in N. Broadway Parking Lot Ilam-7pm

Find patio seating at various retailers & shop 'till you drop!

MARKET MANIA: Saturday 7/22

Farmer's Market 9am-Noon @ N. Broadway Parking Lot with "Ron & Steve Unplugged" Live

Performance 10am-Noon

To get a closer look at the deals, check out the official Facebook Event page for all the details:

2. Wind Down Wednesday - Broadway Comes Alive! July 12th, & AugusT 9th

Every third Wednesday of the month, it's time for Wind Down Wednesday, the much-anticipated summer festival on Broadway. From 11 am to 8 pm, you can enjoy cold beverages, delicious food, and a wide array of activities for children. Explore the offerings of local vendors and be captivated by live music performances that will keep you entertained throughout the day. Don't forget to check out the Pinewood Derby, an exciting race for the kids. Wind Down Wednesday is the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind, and celebrate the spirit of summer with the whole family. To follow the fun or apply to be a vendor, visit

3. Thursdays on Fountain - Free Concert Series!

Get ready to groove to the rhythm of summer at Thursdays on Fountain, a fantastic free concert series hosted at the Fountain Lake Gazebo. Every Thursday night until August 31, starting at 5:30 pm, head to Fountain Lake Park and immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies. Whether you're a fan of rock, jazz, or country music, these weekly concerts promise to create a delightful atmosphere and make your summer evenings truly special. Gather your loved ones, bring a picnic blanket, and enjoy the captivating performances under the starry sky. All the info on Thursday's on Fountain can be found on their Facebook page!

4. July Jamboree - A Month of Festivities!

July Jamboree is a month-long celebration packed with exciting events that will keep you entertained all month. Here's a sneak peek at the festivities:

- June 9, 2023: Food vendors will be available all day, and Thursdays on Fountain will feature a performance by "Good Morning Bedlam."

- June 30, 2023: Enjoy food vendors all day at the North Broadway Parking Lot and explore the flea market from 11 am to 6 pm at the Fairgrounds.

- July 1, 2023: Head to the Fairgrounds for a flea market from 9 am to 4 pm. Food vendors will also be available all day at the North Broadway Parking Lot. In the evening, don't miss the street dance at the 112 on Broadway featuring "Will Barnett & Company."

- July 2, 2023: The Fairgrounds hosts a flea market from 9 am to 4 pm, while food vendors continue to offer their delights at the North Broadway Parking Lot. Witness the thrilling Boat Parade at 3 pm on Fountain Lake.

- July 3, 2023: Prepare for a day filled with excitement! Food vendors will be available all day, and you can embark on the Pelican Breeze Cruise at 6 pm. Bring your own dinner to Frank Hall Park and enjoy the 6 pm Parade starting at the Fairgrounds and ending at Central Park. At 7 pm, head to the Fountain Lake Gazebo for live music by "Ron & Steve Unplugged." Wrap up the day with a Block Party at 9 pm at Harold's Bar.

- July 4, 2023: Celebrate Independence Day with food vendors all day at the North Broadway Parking Lot. Enjoy the Bayside Ski Show at 1 pm at Edgewater Bay, followed by a car show from 2 pm to 6 pm on downtown Broadway Ave. At 8 pm, gather at the Fountain Lake Gazebo for a Community Band performance. Finally, end the day with a bang as the fireworks light up the sky over Fountain Lake at 10 pm.

More info on this HUGE event can be found here:

5. Rock & Roll the Lakes - Cycling and Music Extravaganza! August 12th

On August 12th, get ready for the ultimate combination of outdoor adventure and rockin' music at Rock & Roll the Lakes. This event is perfect for cycling enthusiasts of all ages. Choose from 10-, 30-, or 50-mile route options that hug picturesque lake shores, offering breathtaking views and encounters with local wildlife. Along the routes, rest stops will provide you with nourishment and hydration. Enjoy the curated playlist of great tunes that will keep you motivated throughout the ride. This family-friendly event promises a day filled with fun, exercise, and a unique way to explore the natural beauty of Albert Lea. Thank you to our friends at Bike MN for making this event possible! Learn more about Rock & Roll the Lake by visiting their Facebook page!

Wrapping up...

Albert Lea is buzzing with excitement this summer, offering an incredible lineup of events that will make your season unforgettable. From the shopping frenzy of Crazy Days to the family-friendly festivities of Wind Down Wednesday, and the enchanting concerts at Thursdays on Fountain, the city is a hub of entertainment and adventure. Don't miss the month-long July Jamboree, filled with parades, flea markets, street dances, live music, and a spectacular fireworks display. And for cycling enthusiasts, Rock & Roll the Lakes combines the joy of biking with the rhythm of great music. Embrace the summer spirit and immerse yourself in these top 5 must-attend events in Albert Lea. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and celebrate the best of summer!


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